Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it. – André Gide.

That quote has become the motto of my blog. I find it so much more enlightening to ask the right questions than to pretend I have some profound truths that I’m sharing with the world. In a sense, this blog is nothing more than a conversation about the experiences of life. But I hope you find our conversation valuable or insightful in some way.

Other than getting super famous and making a bunch of money, I write this blog to share my ideas and questions and experiences in a way that might be insightful to you. For an overview of my site, the two best places to start are: Why I Write and Blog Different.

If this blog can offer you anything, I hope it is new ideas and new questions

What about me? I’m Andrew Olson. I used to be an “internet marketer,” creating internet startups and various web projects. I was really bad at it. One day I got smart and decided to do the only thing I’m kind of good at – writing.

You might want to visit the archives for a concise overview of the blog posts and essays on this site. And if you can’t get enough of me (it’s a common problem), I would encourage you to circle me on Google+ or follow @AndrewOlson on Twitter where you’ll find a pithier version of me.