… you can never hear what other people have to say.

Of course, your mom already told you that. But what about the talking going on inside your own head? Ah, that can be a little more difficult.

The mind that is always engaged in mental chatter can never really listen to what life is trying to tell it. It will simply replay the same old stories over and over again. The only way to gain deeper insights is to STOP and listen for a while. With a blank space in your mind, you can receive what life wants you to hear.

The stuff I write usually comes from that place, and that’s how I can write a blog post every day. When I turn off the thoughts and listen to what is going on inside of me, there is almost always some new idea ready to be splattered on these pages.

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2 Responses to “If You’re Always Talking…”

  1. you’re doing a great job listening. and sharing yourt thoughgs with us.

    i ignore everything I hear. haha


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