I was flipping through a preview of the book, A Zen Path Through Depression on Amazon and came across a quote:

“It’s been said by evolutionary biologists and behavioral psychologists, that if the universe wanted to move a human being in a particular direction, that based on what we know of human nature, it would do it through what delights us. Not through punishment or desire, but through delight. It would do us well to pay attention to that.”


Delights are what lead us into newer and better expressions of ourselves. Feelings like fear, struggle, lust, sadness, etc. all pale in comparison to the power that delight has in our lives.

It can be easy to cast aside our delights as a ‘waste of time’ and just do what our rational brains think we ought to do. Is this a mistake? Maybe.

Following your delights when they aren’t logical or comfortable can be scary. They might take you down a path that is uncertain or even bizarre. So? You give up security, but you gain the joy of knowing that you are being YOU. What else is life about?

It is in the process of embracing your delights – and yourself – where real advances can be made. In a sense, delights lead you towards a more fuller expression of who you really are.

So, if something makes your heart soar with happiness, don’t ignore it. Maybe the entire universe is trying to tell you something.

Photo Credit: nosha

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