There’s a lot to be said about NOT getting what you want.

I keep a detailed journal which dates back over 5 years. If you look at the content from 2007, you would see many entries about all the things I was hoping to achieve in the immediate future – the home, the relationship, the business, the success.

You know what?

None of those things came true. Not one. I mean, seriously, I should have set goals for the opposite of what I wanted because I had a perfect track record of getting exactly what I didn’t want. Despite my best efforts, none of it worked out. This caused me a lot of confusion and turmoil for years, as you might imagine.

It was only recently that I looked back over these old goals in contrast with who I now am. It almost made me cry to realize how lucky I was to have failed. Why?

Let’s imagine for a minute that I had immediately achieved my goals according to plan. I would have essentially stopped developing as a person. That old version of myself would have accepted his success as evidence of his ego’s strength. The end. The inner growth, the insight, the love – none of it would have existed in me. I would have been like too many people who are full of achievements on the outside, but empty and hollow on the inside. The person I love and respect so much today would have never existed. What a tragedy that would have been!

So, when you don’t get what you want, don’t despair! Maybe your failures are the greatest gifts of your life and you just can’t see it yet.

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  1. Totally get it. Sometimes I’ve wanted something so much only to get it and have it be a disaster in my life. Be careful of what you wish for – you might get it.


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