The thing is, you already have it.

If you’re reading this, there is a very high chance that you live in a world where you have incredible freedom. You have freedom over how you spend your time, over where you go, over the work you do, and over the people with whom you surround yourself.

Whatever restricts your life is purely your own creation. No one – other than yourself – can take away your choices. If you wake up unhappy with an aspect of your life, you can (and should!) say NO MORE and boldly go searching for whatever might make you happier. You have that right. You deserve to be happy.

You are young (at least, younger than you will be next year), smart, skilled, experienced, talented, and you have virtually endless opportunities ahead. At the first glimmer of unhappiness, you can drop what you’re doing and start doing something different. No questions asked. No problem.

Isn’t that wonderful?

P.S. I’m talking to you, too. You know that comment you’re going to leave, the one that explains how this doesn’t apply to you? Forget it. You, too, have this kind of freedom.

Image Credit: Jack Zalium

2 Responses to “Endless Freedom”

  1. You know what’s the biggest freedom we have? The freedom to react as we want to something that happens to us. We can’t change life’s circumstances but we always have the freedom to handle life situations as we would like.


    • Absolutely. Sometimes we can change our life’s circumstances, but never with absolute certainty. So, why put allow happiness to depend on something so uncertain? Learn to handle any circumstances with the right response and you will be free. Great point, Vishnu!


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