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Wu Wei is the Taoist/Chinese principle of action without action, or going with the flow. Wu wei is not about non-action, laziness or passivity. It simply encourages us to take actions that are in alignment with everything else in nature, creating a beautiful harmony that makes your life simple, effective, happy, and stress free. 1 – Swimming Upstream I started practicing wu wei before I ever heard of the concept. I was working so hard, forcing my life towards the course I desired. Yet, the success wasn’t coming. I figured I just… Read the Rest »


[Little did I know that a simple experiment in 2012 would change my life. After blogging about this diet, it turned into something much bigger. This year (2013) I launched a new healthy-eating movement and food blog devoted to unprocessed “one ingredient” foods.  If you’d like to read more about The One Ingredient Diet, I’ve launched a new project called One Ingredient Chef where I show you how to cook the best food of your life while becoming healthier than ever before.] Today I am starting an experiment of eating 100% whole foods for… Read the Rest »


My favorite analogy for the universe is that of a playground. Imagine being about 3 years old. Your mother puts you in the car and starts driving. Being too short to look out the windows, all you can see is a blur of sky and trees swirling past. You have no idea where you are. Eventually the car stops and your mother helps you out – you’re at a playground with 50 other children! You go nuts. You run around, go down slides, get knocked over, knock other kids over, rest in the… Read the Rest »


Because no seminar can take you here… only your feet will get you to the top of Denali. Have you noticed a strange pattern within personal development circles? Many of the people who work most intensely on their own development are the ones who make the least progress in life. There is a large group of people who read all the books, go to all the seminars, and listen to all the audio programs but get absolutely nowhere. This is unfortunate but true. These people seem to be totally incapable… Read the Rest »


A vegan diet is defined as eating no animal products, period. No meat, eggs, or dairy. This is obviously a major break from the standard diet and it can be downright frightening to make this change. Anyone who is thinking about becoming a vegan faces a number of concerns, questions, and apprehensions. I made this transition myself several years ago (almost 4 to be exact) and it was one of the best decisions of my life. This article offers first-hand advice and addresses some of the primary challenges facing anyone who wants to become a… Read the Rest »

Farmers Market

When I was in high school, the purpose of the whole experiment was to get into college. It didn’t matter if you learned anything as long as you found a way to the next level. I realized when I was a freshman that I didn’t want to go to college. I could see a major trend shifting in our society. Colleges did a great job of educating the industrial age. Back then, people would learn a craft and perform that one skill for the rest of their working careers. At… Read the Rest »