stright lines

It is up to you to decide who is the most right.

Protestants believe they are, absolutely and infallibly, right about every area of religious doctrine. Mormons believe they are the ones with the answers. Still Muslims know something very different to be the truth.

Fox News thinks they have the right views on gun control, and they do. CNN has contradictory views on gun control, and they’re right also.

Everyone is always right. I don’t even mean that sarcastically. By some weird phenomena, two people can live in the same world and each be totally convinced of “truths” that conflict with each other. Except for very simple matters (who won the Super Bowl), every area is a grey area and there are infinite answers and interpretations.

Just look at Plato’s Republic for the clearest example of this. We have no good way of defining what’s true, right, or just in our world. The more you look, the more confused you get.

You, then, have ultimate power to give authority. Because everything is always right, it is up to you to decide which “right” has the most power. You, and only you, are the judge who metes out credibility.

If Christianity is right, it is only because you decided it was right. Oh, you think it is right because the Bible says so? But who says the Bible is right? Your pastor. And who says your pastor is right? Your Parents. And who says your parents are right? YOU. String it out as far as you want and it always comes back to your own individual judgement calls.

Let me save you a whole bunch of time and grief: Don’t spend your life looking for the truth, because it is all the truth. Just decide which truth makes you the happiest and go with that. (Deciding that none of the options deserve your authority is a perfectly valid decision as well).

Of course, the real message is to understand the absurdity of whatever truth you finally settle upon. By all means, run with your viewpoints, fight against the other side, go to the rallies, and have a blast. But at the end of the day, recognize that your views are only true because YOU gave them authority.

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