Once upon a time, a mother was struggling with her daughter’s sugar habit. The little girl was constantly craving sweets and her mother had tried everything to break this habit. After no success, she finally decided to visit Gandhi to see if his great discipline might rub off on the daughter.

After waiting for hours, the mother dragged her daughter in to meet Gandhi. She said, “Mahatma, my daughter eats too much sugar and I am worried about her. Is there anything you can do to get her to stop?”

Gandhi thought for a moment and finally looked up. He solemnly said, “come back in two weeks and I will be able to help your daughter.”

The mother was pleased and, exactly two weeks later, came back to visit him. Gandhi stood up, pointed his finger at the daughter and said, “Don’t eat so much sugar!”

The mother was shocked. She expected some deep spiritual insight and this is all he said? “Mahatma, that’s it? Why couldn’t you have just said that two weeks ago when we were here?”

“Because,” Gandhi replied, “two weeks ago, I was eating too much sugar.”

2 Responses to “Gandhi’s Sugar Addiction”

  1. wow. profound.

    i wonder how we would have to adjust our lives accordingly if all the advice we bloggers dispensed were based on personal living experiences and our actual habits, practices. haha we would be saintly people having achieved spiritual, personal and worldly achievements, no:) ?

    A more practical lesson – don’t tell people to do stuff you yourself aren’t doing.


    • Don’t make this about bloggers. It doesn’t apply to US! Just kidding, that’s an interesting angle. I like it.

      As for me? I don’t practice any of the nonsense I preach on my blog. :p


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