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There is no gain without pain… right?

Sometimes people trick themselves into taking the path of most resistance when the same goals could be accomplished with much less effort.

This seems to be engrained somewhere deep in our consciousness. You know, you have to struggle for 5 years building a business before you can be successful. Or you have to deal with a handful of nightmarish relationships before you can enjoy Mr./Mrs. Right. Or you have to go through complex spiritual rituals in order to find enlightenment.

That last one is the big secret of the guru. They put you through very difficult exercises so that you think you’re making progress by sheer effort. The uninformed students will buy into this process and the guru can quickly see where they stand. In truth, effort just gets the student closer and closer to the realization that effort wasn’t even necessary. What the student was looking for was inches away all along.

Many times, people see their goal right in front of them, so, they turn in the opposite direction and walk all the way around the world to reach it!

It’s nonsense.

But what would happen if you simply walked up to your goal and took hold of it? The misguided globe-walkers would accuse you of cheating because there is tremendous social pressure to suffer as much as possible. And by all means, if you need to walk around the world in order to feel worthy of your goal, go for it. But at least be aware of the ever-present shortcuts that require much less suffering.

Image Credit: ToastyKen

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