It would be safe to say that human nature has proven itself to be effective over the very, very long term. It works. So, why the constant war against it?

I think many of the problems in our world are not caused by human nature, but by the suppression of human nature.

Sometimes in the course of human events one country might want to invade another to steal their oil. Fine, just admit it and move on. But for Heaven’s sake, don’t pretend to start wars as a way to help the people you’re killing! This kind of sleazy dishonesty only makes things much worse. If you want to act like an idiot, act like an idiot and be honest about it. [Ironically, if people/countries did take this approach they would no longer want to steal someone else’s stuff, but that is a much longer post.]

Your human nature exists to serve you, so follow it. If you are angry, be angry. If you are attracted to another person, express your affection. If you want chocolate, eat chocolate. It’s that simple.

[In fact, I think that could be the solution to all the world’s problems: if you want chocolate, eat chocolate.]

In everything I have observed, it seems that the damage is not from eating too much chocolate, but eating the chocolate with your right hand while the left hand know not what the right hand doeth. In other words, eating chocolate while thinking you shouldn’t be eating chocolate.

In that case, your body and mind are split, they become unconscious of each other, and the part that wants chocolate gets out of balance and has nothing to keep it stabilized. If, instead, we happily ate the chocolate as desired, the urge would be satisfied and we would move on with our lives. Chocolate would not be an issue, fight, struggle, or cause for concern.

A pipe dream? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean we cannot individually make progress towards a more forthright way of living that would be better for ourselves and everyone around us.

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4 Responses to “The Virtue of Human Nature”

  1. So simple, so powerful, so TRUE! Nuff said. 😉


  2. I don’t get it. Should I eat the chocolate, not eat the chocolate, eat it with the left or right hand/ ??

    I do get it :) but not sure why you’re the lone blogger promoting eating rich-calorie food so soon after the new year!!

    I think my body and mind are split. haha


    • Hahahahah. Best comment ever. Eat the chocolate and then you won’t want to eat it anymore. And why am I promoting calorie rich foods? Because I weigh like, nothing, and my new year’s resolution is to GAIN weight. So I eat as much chocolate as I can :).


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