When it comes to people, I don’t have much respect for your authority and I am not impressed by your success. I don’t care about the material gains you have to offer me or the great things you have done with your life. Instead, I look for people who have experienced suffering, and who have experienced it honestly.

To go through the depths of despair – through, not around – takes a rare courage. Confronting these frightening realities gives one a beauty that can only be attained by shedding those kind of tears.

The people I value are those who know what it means to be lost, lonely, and afraid because they have so much more to offer. I don’t need people with the answers. I certainly don’t need people who hide from the answers. And I certainly, certainly don’t need people who pretend to have the answers.

At the end of the day, the relationships that hold the most meaning to me are the kind where we can courageously get lost in the forest and find our way out together.

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4 Responses to “Let’s Get Lost”

  1. But what if I *do* know all the answers?!!!

    Just kidding! I love this one!


  2. yo Andrew. You’ve captivated my lazy Sunday. :) Going back and reading all your posts and really loved this one. It reminds me of that old Robert Frost poem. And, as I am a poet, in a way, I tend to romanticize this ‘getting lost’. This is what it means to wander with a companion in my POV. And yes, I hated the ex who had all the answers, too. ;P (women don’t need answers, they just want to know they’re being heard)


    • Awesome, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. That means a lot to me. “women don’t need answers, they just want to know they’re being heard” – Good to hear, I’ve tucked that away as valuable life advice 😉


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