You know that saying, “Money only makes you more of what you already are?” It’s completely true.

So then, we would have to assume that most people who are seeking more money (like, everyone) are totally, 100% content with who they are, and they want money so that the qualities they already have will grow and expand?

Hmm, I’m not so sure…

On the contrary, people who seek after money typically do so in hopes of covering up some flaw that already exists, not realizing that it will only expand the flaw. It might be insecurity, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, or all of the above. Under those circumstances, it would be a major catastrophe to acquire more money (and more of those flaws), right?

I think this is why so many people want money and don’t have it – there must be some kind of intelligent balance in the Universe that has the individual’s best interests at heart.

Instead of looking for money or success to fix your flaws, I have a radical new idea: focus on becoming more of a perfect seed. A seed that, if it was planted in the expansive soil of money, would grow into the kind of tree you could be proud of.

There is never a time when it will be easier to fix your problems than now, in the seed format. If you’re waiting for money, or success, or tomorrow, to make things better, STOP. Learn to round out the simple little seed that is your current life and let that be enough. When you get your seed to a place where you’re ready for that exact version to expand, it will.

Image Credit: flickrich

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