Our common tendency is to grasp things as tightly as we can. Our possessions, our families, our ideas, our beliefs. The first reaction we have is to clench our fists around them in an attempt to gain as much control as possible.

This forceful reaction provides a false sense of power. We think that if we can always see it, and control it, and tell it exactly what to do at all times, then everything will turn out all right. But if we let go, or turn our backs for an instant, then all could be lost. Does this sound like the characteristics of true power?

Instead, the tightest grip you can have is an open hand. The true power of our Universe is reserved not for those who have the tightest stranglehold, or the most lawyers, or the biggest weapons, but those who can let go the most freely. To this person, coercion becomes cooperation and fear turns to freedom.

On the surface, an open hand may seem to imply passivity. Itʼs much the opposite. Sure, others may have more forcefulness (which is vastly different than power), but they soon become bound by the shackles built with their own hands. When you allow yourself to let go, it becomes a sign to the Infinite that you are willing to cooperate and accept life as it is. It is only then that you will find the full power of the Universe on your side.

The meek shall, indeed, inherit the earth.

Image Credit: Martin Gommel

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