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Small has no inside, big has no outside. This ancient Chinese proverb proves itself every day. Science keeps looking for the smallest particle, and astrophysics keeps looking for the edge of the universe. With this approach, the particles will keep getting smaller and the universe will keep getting bigger. In reality, big and small are both relative. So, how could we ever define biggest or smallest? In comparison to what? What infinitely large/small ruler are we using to measure everything and come to these assumptions? And, how do we know… Read the Rest »


Right now you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Can you feel the perfection in that statement? In times of distress, this can be an excellent mantra. Words like these can bring us feelings of deep encouragement and peacefulness because they resonate with the deeper part of ourselves Your mind might (incorrectly) see potential problems tomorrow, or remember the trials of yesterday; but you are right here, right now. Your consciousness will always be right here, right now. In fact, that is what consciousness is – your awareness… Read the Rest »


Setting goals can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, they give you direction and focus in your life. On the other, they suck valuable resources into an often endless cycle of thoughts, plans, and checklists. And since we donʼt know the future or even how we may want to act in the future, these plans constantly need revisions. Many times this turns into a spiral of incessant planning for the future and never paying attention to right now. This is a problem. The now is all we have; even… Read the Rest »


Our common tendency is to grasp things as tightly as we can. Our possessions, our families, our ideas, our beliefs. The first reaction we have is to clench our fists around them in an attempt to gain as much control as possible. This forceful reaction provides a false sense of power. We think that if we can always see it, and control it, and tell it exactly what to do at all times, then everything will turn out all right. But if we let go, or turn our backs for… Read the Rest »


If you take a cup of muddy water and shake it around, it becomes even more cloudy. If you allow the same cup of water to sit in total stillness, the dirt falls and the water becomes clear. This concept is often used to teach proper meditation. The longer you keep your mind still, the more clarity you will gain. The clarity that we are talking about is just another way of describing stillness. When you begin to live with a still cup (mind), the once muddy pools of your… Read the Rest »


It is important to become mindful of the ground on which you tread. Every step you take has an impact. Your foot will leave a print in the ground. You may bend flowers and plants, and you may squash bugs. None of these things are negative in themselves, they are simply the nature of interacting with our world. Becoming aware of the impact you have, before, during, and after you take the step is what is important. Notice the transient nature of the mark you leave. While your print may… Read the Rest »


To start out with the perspective of: “this is mine and I don’t want to lose it” is a sure way to create suffering and worry. The reason this brings so much anxiety is because you never truly own anything, so it is futile to try protecting what you don’t even have. It doesn’t take genius to understand that you cannot really possess things. They could die, get lost, or be stolen. You can only have stewardship over things for a period of time. Even your own body will one… Read the Rest »