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Everything that arises passes away I spent last weekend in the Redwoods of Northern California. Nowhere is impermanence so obvious as in the forest. Dead branches line the pathways and new seedlings sprout up to take their place. Hillsides and paths are constantly changing. Nothing is ever the same. I was sitting along the creek in the picture above, writing in the sand. It only took a minute for the wet sand to fill itself in and my words to dissolve. I created them. I watched them pass away. But… Read the Rest »


Imagine having a front row seat during the formation of the universe. If you were there, you would have witnessed an infinite sea of hydrogen and helium atoms, and nothing else. No other elements were in existence. No planets, stars, or any other particles that we would recognize today. These atoms existed in a field of near perfection, a 3 dimensional grid where each particle was equally spaced from those around it. Much like magnets in this formation, their attraction and repulsion held them in an eternal gridlock. Equal particles,… Read the Rest »


Have you noticed the way your moods, thoughts, and energy levels fluctuate with the annual seasons? The feeling of fresh opportunity in spring, the momentum of summer, the peaceful slowdown of autumn, the restoration of winter; seasons clearly influence people. As I wrote recently, humans are a part of nature. We don’t come into this world, we come out of it. Thus, as the sun and earth interact with each other to create the seasons, we are naturally influenced by that process. It might seem nuts, but I discovered this… Read the Rest »


I like to think of myself as a part of nature rather than a ruler over it. A tree is obviously a part of nature because it is rooted into the ground. But just because we can move on the earth doesn’t make us any less connected with it. Thus, I think we would do well to heed the patterns of nature: Nature Never Struggles Perhaps the most powerful observation of nature is how it never struggles to accomplish its purpose. All things in nature live in a state of… Read the Rest »