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Once upon a time, a mother was struggling with her daughter’s sugar habit. The little girl was constantly craving sweets and her mother had tried everything to break this habit. After no success, she finally decided to visit Gandhi to see if his great discipline might rub off on the daughter. After waiting for hours, the mother dragged her daughter in to meet Gandhi. She said, “Mahatma, my daughter eats too much sugar and I am worried about her. Is there anything you can do to get her to stop?”… Read the Rest »


I like photons. Mostly because without them (the fundamental particles of light which have no mass), I couldn’t see anything. But they’re also pretty good storytellers. If you ever have the time to sit one down and listen, it will say something like this… “I used to be like all the other particles, full of mass and weighed down by the limits of matter. Like you, I held onto this weight and thought it made me who I was. “One day I noticed how all the mass that I identified… Read the Rest »


An old man would often walk through the park, smiling for no apparent reason. Children in the area would see this man and wonder what made him so happy. “Hey Mister, why do you smile so much?” one daring child finally asked. “Well,” he said, “I used to have a very intense way of looking at things. Everywhere I turned, I saw a million tiny spheres of many colors and sizes spinning around me. I tried to track the balls by measuring their movements, but I couldn’t follow all of… Read the Rest »