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Don’t be afraid of it. Bloggers, teachers, bosses, and authorities of all kinds like to highlight the things they know for sure and shy away from the unknown. Maybe I have things backwards, but I like to do the opposite. I’m more comfortable saying, “I don’t know, but I’d love to explore it further.” Admitting that you don’t know something doesn’t make you look dumb. In fact, people will often have a greater respect for you when you eagerly admit the things you don’t know. I was going to make… Read the Rest »


Never leads to a happy ending. If you are working (struggling) towards an outcome in a way that is not delightful, the results will disappoint every time. The destination will always be a match for the journey. Do the lifeless investment banking job in order to make money and the money will be just as distasteful as the work. In that sense, the destination was just as unhappy as the journey. You’re unhappy doing the work and unhappy with the results. It’s a lose-lose. But take a journey where you… Read the Rest »

stright lines

It is up to you to decide who is the most right. Protestants believe they are, absolutely and infallibly, right about every area of religious doctrine. Mormons believe they are the ones with the answers. Still Muslims know something very different to be the truth. Fox News thinks they have the right views on gun control, and they do. CNN has contradictory views on gun control, and they’re right also. Everyone is always right. I don’t even mean that sarcastically. By some weird phenomena, two people can live in the… Read the Rest »


Life always seems to present itself as a worthy opponent. Imagine if you were playing tennis with someone who is considerably better than yourself. You would get discouraged and give up. If they were considerably worse than you, you would get bored and give up. But that magic zone where the opponent is right at your skill level? That’s where all the fun can be found. Life seems to work that way. No matter whether you’re a king, a genius, an office worker, or a bum, life presents challenges that… Read the Rest »

This is a nerdy, philosophical extension of yesterday’s post. If you are uncomfortable with philosophy, weird logic, or complex trails of thought, you may want to step outside for a moment. Yesterday I talked about how, in 2007, I desperately desired to achieve certain goals that, if I had achieved them, would have probably made my life worse. I certainly wouldn’t have become the person I am today. So… I didn’t achieve my ambitions and it worked out better for me in the end. This is a bit discouraging to… Read the Rest »

There’s an old story of a child who sits down to breakfast with his father and starts asking a million philosophical questions: “Why does the world exist?” … “What happens after we die?” … “Where do people come from” … “If God made us, who made God?” … and the father, struggling to answer all of them, finally gets fed up and shouts “Oh, shut up and eat your donut!” That might not be the most effective parenting style, but sometimes we all need to shut up and eat our… Read the Rest »

Old Globe

There is no gain without pain… right? Sometimes people trick themselves into taking the path of most resistance when the same goals could be accomplished with much less effort. This seems to be engrained somewhere deep in our consciousness. You know, you have to struggle for 5 years building a business before you can be successful. Or you have to deal with a handful of nightmarish relationships before you can enjoy Mr./Mrs. Right. Or you have to go through complex spiritual rituals in order to find enlightenment. That last one… Read the Rest »