I like photons. Mostly because without them (the fundamental particles of light which have no mass), I couldn’t see anything. But they’re also pretty good storytellers. If you ever have the time to sit one down and listen, it will say something like this…

“I used to be like all the other particles, full of mass and weighed down by the limits of matter. Like you, I held onto this weight and thought it made me who I was.

“One day I noticed how all the mass that I identified with was really just unnecessary baggage. This weight was not my true self – it was an illusion. So I found the courage to let it go. I became the first particle without any mass. All the other types of particles (electrons, neutrons, etc.) that are still attached to matter were afraid that I would become ‘nothing’ and cease to exist. But then, something interesting happened.

“In the moment I released my false identification with matter, I was free. I could move around the universe at the speed of light. In fact, I became light itself. I was able to travel faster and more freely than anything else in the universe, illuminating the heavens with my emptiness.”

Image Credit: Veronica Foale

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