Never leads to a happy ending.

If you are working (struggling) towards an outcome in a way that is not delightful, the results will disappoint every time.

The destination will always be a match for the journey.

Do the lifeless investment banking job in order to make money and the money will be just as distasteful as the work. In that sense, the destination was just as unhappy as the journey. You’re unhappy doing the work and unhappy with the results. It’s a lose-lose. But take a journey where you wake up each day and say “YES! It is so good to be alive!” and no matter what happens, the destination will be a match for how you felt along the way.

This might be counterintuitive. It might go against our protestant work ethic that says there’s no gain without pain. But it’s the truth. If you think this through, what I am saying is that you can never enjoy yourself unless you are enjoying yourself. What a revolutionary idea…

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