It is important to become mindful of the ground on which you tread. Every step you take has an impact. Your foot will leave a print in the ground. You may bend flowers and plants, and you may squash bugs. None of these things are negative in themselves, they are simply the nature of interacting with our world. Becoming aware of the impact you have, before, during, and after you take the step is what is important.

Notice the transient nature of the mark you leave. While your print may be deep, the flowers may have withered, and the insects may have died, that is only temporary. Come back in a while and the dust will have filled your mark, new flowers will have grown, and new bugs will have been born. In the eternal nature of things, the ground is the same after you as it was before you. You didnʼt have a very severe impact.

If you left a print that brings you joy, enjoy it with the perspective that it will soon be filled in. Absorb the full joy of it right now.

If you left a print that you aren’t so proud of, take comfort knowing that the dust will soon make your mark unrecognizable. You always have an impact, but never one that lasts.

Image Credit: liknes

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