That’s a pretty boring chart, isn’t it?

There is nothing you can do – now or ever – to change how worthy you are as a human being. The fact that you exist makes you 100% worthy of love and happiness and self esteem. No event, no circumstance, and no person (not even yourself!) can take away your worth. It was there the moment you were born and it will continue at maximum strength until the moment you die. You are worthy.

2 Responses to “Charting Your Worthiness Over Time”

  1. Hey The Andrew! 1) What an attractive piece of wood. Which tree is it from? 2) I hope I live to be 108. The graph doesn’t show what happens to worthiness beyond this age, but I’ll assume I can extrapolate it to infinity, and that my worthiness doesn’t magically drop off a vertical cliff once I reach 108 and 1 day :) Good effort, dude!


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